Safety Notice – Initial Notice




11:55 pm


Hillsborough St.
Hillsborough St. @ Horne St.


NCSU WolfAlert – Safety Notice

On November 14, 2020 at approximately 11:55 pm, the University Police Department was notified of an argument between two parties which had escalated to shots being fired on Hillsborough St. @ Horne St. There were no injuries and no damages reported. There were no descriptions of the parties involved, but a possible suspect vehicle, described only as a white SUV, was seen traveling from the scene on Hillsborough toward downtown. Anyone with information about this or other crimes are encourage to contact the police immediately by calling the University Police at 919-515-3000.

The campus community is always encouraged to take the following steps to keep themselves safe:

– Assailants are more likely to target individuals walking alone, on darkened or unlit paths, or who are distracted by headphones or activities such as texting.

– Walk in groups whenever possible, especially at night.

– Safety Escort Services and public transportation are available as alternatives to walking. Individuals can contact Safety Escort Services at 919-515-3000.

– If you feel unsafe in any situation, trust your instinct and contact University Police immediately to report suspicious activities or crimes on campus by calling 911 or 919-515-3000

In compliance with the Timely Notice provisions of the Federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus crime Statistics Act of 1998, Campus Police are giving notice of a disturbing act of violence. Please share the information contained in this safety notice with other people on campus who may not have seen it.

Type of Crime:

Aggravated Assault