Anonymity vs. Confidentiality

Due to their federally mandated responsibilities, CSAs cannot guarantee any person confidentiality. By federal law, CSAs are required to provide the following information about crimes that are reported to them:

  • Date & Time the offense occurred
  • Location where the offense occurred
  • Date & Time the offense was reported to the CSA
  • All relevant information reported to the CSA

Persons reporting a crime to a CSA may wish to remain anonymous. To submit a CSA Report Form anonymously please confirm with the reporting person directly that they do not wish their name be included in the report. If that is their choice they should be made aware that electing to remain anonymous may greatly limit the University’s ability to stop the prohibited conduct, collect evidence, or take effective action against individuals or organizations.

Regardless of their wishes to report an incident, survivors of crimes are afforded rights and interim measures for offenses involving sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. To review information about available resources, please visit this link.