Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is responsible for handling investigations based on their scope, complexity, length or location require special expertise or cannot be completed by the Patrol Officer taking the initial report. CID also provides assistance to the Patrol Division with their investigations as needed.


The following crimes are the primary responsibility of the Criminal Investigations Division:

  1. Homicide / Suspicious Death
  2. Bombings / Bomb Threat
  3. Robbery
  4. Burglary
  5. Rape / Sexual Assault
  6. Arson
  7. Kidnapping
  8. Hate / Bias Incidents
  9. Loss of State Property greater than $5000

Additional Services

In addition to working criminal cases, CID works with members of our community and other law enforcement agencies to develop information on issues that may impact the community such as: criminal activity, dignitary visits, demonstrations, and behavioral assessments. CID Investigators work closely with the NCSU Police Department’s representative to the Information Sharing and Analysis Center to ensure successful and peaceful events and to share information on cases.

Behavior Assessment Team

Members of the Criminal Investigations Division are also members of the NC State University Behavior Assessment Team, working to help mitigate the risk of targeted violence by individuals who have been reported as exhibiting threatening or concerning behavior. Please see this link to learn more about the University Behavior Assessment Team.

Evidence and Found Property

All evidence and found property submitted to the police department is managed by the Criminal Investigations Division.

For lost and found property information, on the website go here Lost and Found Property.