Information Sharing and Analysis Center


Prior to 9/11, several law enforcement agencies had pieces of the puzzle that would have foretold the events that were planned but there was nothing tying the agencies and the intelligence together. Fusion centers were created to fill this void so that there would be a central depository for all homeland security intelligence and information. North Carolina officially opened its fusion center, the North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center, in September 2006. The purpose of ISAAC is to serve as the focal point for the collection, analysis and dissemination of terrorism and criminal information relating to threats and attacks within North Carolina.


ISAAC enhances and facilitates the collection of information from local, state and federal resources and analyzes that information so that it will benefit homeland security and criminal interdiction programs at all levels. ISAAC serves as a support center for all North Carolina law enforcement that can submit and receive homeland security and criminal information. The center facilitates information exchange among various government agencies, works closely with the community, local law enforcement, and various task forces in the areas of homeland security, gangs, and high intensity drug related cases.


The NCSU Police Department currently has a law enforcement representative to ISAAC. His/Her job is to act as a liaison between North Carolina’s public and private colleges and universities and the center. He/She helps to facilitate the exchange of information both to the center and back out to the campuses. He/She also functions as an investigator, following up on tips and leads that are submitted to ISAAC.