Operations Division

 Hiring and Recruiting

The Hiring and Recruiting Unit is the primary recruiter for the University Police Department and works closely with Human Resources to coordinate the Department’s recruitment activities, including participation in recruiting field trips, literature distribution, attending job fairs as well as conducting other recruitment activities.  The primary joint objectives of Human Resources and the Hiring and Recruiting Unit is to build a diverse and inclusive campus community fostering demographic and intellectual diversity while ensuring a high caliber of professionalism is maintained and supported by the hiring, training and career development support of University Police personnel.

The Hiring and Recruiting Unit Staff supports Career Development through training establishment and scheduling as well as record keeping and counsel. It manages a Mentor Program to provide guidance, direction and incentive to professional growth.

Crime Prevention and Community Relations   

The Crime Prevention Unit acts as a liaison between the Police Department and the campus community.  Officers provide education outside the classroom to help prevent students, faculty, staff, and visitors from becoming victims of criminal activity.  The Crime Prevention Unit works to educate the community about current crime trends, risk reduction techniques, and immediately reporting suspicious activity, in order to reinforce the shared responsibility of preventing crime.  They also promote the department at community events on and off campus.

In order to accomplish its goals of proactive Crime Prevention, the Crime Prevention Unit utilizes