Lost and Found Property

Have you recently lost any property and want to know if it was turned into the Police Department?

If you have lost property and you think it may be in the possession of the police department, please contact the Property officer at the email link below. You will need to show proof of ownership to have the items returned to you.

The department’s evidence custodian can be reached at 919-515-5965 or emailed at crimeprevention@ncsu.edu. Anyone attempting to obtain property being stored by the NCSU Police Department must call 919-515-5965 to schedule an appointment to meet with a Property Officer prior to arriving at the NCSU Police Department.

Other departments and buildings on campus maintain lost and found repositories  If you have lost an item in a known area, please contact that entity’s lost and found administrator.

If you are looking for an Item that was lost at either Carmichael Gym or D.H. Hill library you can use the below contact information to see if the item has been turned to their lost and found.

Carmichael Gym Lost and Found

DH Hill Library Lost and Found
email: library_circulation@ncsu.edu