University and Community Resources

Regardless of their wishes to report an incident, survivors of crimes are afforded rights and interim measures for offenses involving sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. To review information about available resources, please visit this link.

NC State Womens Center

The NCSU Womens Center is responsible for providing support, empowerment, education, and leadership development. Support and resources for survivors are available here.

NCSU Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides counseling for NC State students experiencing personal, academic or vocational problems.

NCSU Student Conduct

Student Conduct is responsible for the student judicial system at the University. Their mission is to contribute to the educational mission of the University and to support a safe environment conducive to academic excellence.

GLBT Center

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Center is a department within Student Affairs and strives to provide a safe and welcoming space for the GLBT and ally communities.

NCSU Housing

University Housing creates enriched living and learning environments. Living on campus is a unique and integral part of the student

Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity

The Office Institutional Equity & Diversity (OIED) at NC State works to ensure that the university is a non-discriminatory and harassment-free environment where people can work and learn.

Safety Escort Services

NCSU Transportation Department

The NCSU Transportation Department manages parking space inventory, provides parking services, transit services, alternative transportation, operation and maintenance of parking facilities for vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles, parking citation review and adjudication and the coordination of campus events parking.

Protect Your Identity

Learn about the steps you can take to help protect your identity against theft.

Site Security Assessment

Site security assessments helps to reduce crime or the perception of becoming a victim.

WolfGuard ID Record

Document your valuables so you have a better chance of recovering them should they be stolen or lost.

Responsible Behavior Initiative (RBI)

This proactive initiative will promote positive interactions between the campus community and the police, by emphasizing responsibility to oneself, to others and to the core values of North Carolina State University.

Community Liaison Officer Program

Officers within Crime Prevention provide programming, problem solving, and community relations among the residents or campus partners.

Campus Community Watch

The campus watch program, based on the concept of neighborhood watch programs, is a concerted effort to inform the NC State University community of measures that can be taken to provide a safer and more secure environment.