Online anonymous report on our tip line regarding a possible scam on campus.

The incident was reported at D.H. Hill Library on 2/27/2017 at approximately 7 pm. It was reported that an ‘An Asian woman (in her late 20s-30s, short height, wearing a duke blue colored shirt that had a “Billboard” logo on it’ approached the reporting party asking to donate money for an orphanage overseas. This occurred on the gaming-lounge floor. The woman gave the reporting party a card ‘that seemed legitimate’ and so donated an unspecified amount of money.
The woman asked if the reporting party would write their name on a pad for ‘prayer purposes,’ and then asked to use their phone to call a friend they could not find. The reporting party let the woman use their phone, and noticed the other line did not pick up. The reporting party searched the number the woman called and it came back to a landline. The reporting party proceeded to block the number. The reporting party noted the woman has been seen at Talley Student Union as well soliciting money. If this individual is seen on campus soliciting money please contact the NC State University Police Department at (919) 515-3000. Crime Prevention Tips: 1) Never give money to solicitors without sponsorship at NC State 2) Never give out personal information such as name or phone number (they can use the number to preform scam calls at a later time) 3) Report aggressive solicitors on University property to the Police (919) 515-3000 4) Report suspicious activity/persons on University property to the Police (919) 515-3000 NC State University Regulation 07.25.12-Solicitation: