Crime Prevention



The Crime Prevention Unit acts as a liaison between the Police Department and the campus community.  Officers provide education outside the classroom to help prevent students, faculty, staff, and visitors from becoming victims of criminal activity.  The Crime Prevention Unit works to educate the community about current crime trends, risk reduction techniques, and immediately reporting suspicious activity, in order to reinforce the shared responsibility of preventing crime.  They also promote the department at community events on and off campus.



The Mounted Unit supports the University community by conducting horseback patrols which allow for a more approachable way for community members to interact with police officers.  They are a highly visible crime deterrent while they are on patrol.  The horses can provide the Mounted Officer with an elevated vantage point to see over crowds.  The Mounted Unit is used during large sporting events and other large gatherings such as protests for crowd control and an increased perception of law enforcement presence.  The Mounted Unit also represents the University Police Department at ceremonial events and parades.  On a busy day on campus, a mounted unit can sometimes arrive at a call for service faster since they can navigate directly across the campus areas and they can easily access trails and pathways that vehicles cannot.