Citizen’s Police Academy

The goal of the Citizen’s Police Academy is to give members of the NC State University community the opportunity to get to know members of the police department, gain a better understanding of law enforcement practices, and see how police officers interact with the community.

Those accepted into the Citizen’s Police Academy will participate in classes and activities that will allow them to learn about the following subject areas:

  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Domestic Violence Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Firearms Familiarization
  • Crime Prevention
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Emergency Communications

The academy includes mock traffic stops, mock domestic violence calls, mock suspect interviews, the opportunity to shoot police issued firearms and hands-on crime scene investigation techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and engage with various members of the Police Department from multiple units.

The academy is free, but class size is limited.  Registration is available via REPORTER.