Site Security Assessment

The University Police Department offers Site Security Assessments to on-campus locations. Incidences of crime and the perception of becoming a victim of crime can often be reduced by making effective use of the environment and available resources, or by altering current unsafe practices.

Police officers who are trained in applying Crime Prevention through Environmental Design are available to make recommendations to address “the four D’s of security.”

  1. Deter – Finding ways to increase the chances of a criminal being seen or caught in a criminal act.
  2. Delay – Limiting the ways to enter or exit a location in order to make a location less appealing to criminals.
  3. Deny – Safeguarding valuables in proper locking devices and adding unique markings to items so they are easily identifiable.
  4. Detect – Installing proper electronics alarms, surveillance equipment, and implementing community watch programs.

Once the assessment is complete, the officer will provide recommendations on ways that site security could be enhanced.

Together, we can work to implement changes that will hopefully improve the quality of life at your site.

If you would like more information on these free services or to schedule a Site Security Assessment, please contact the Crime Prevention Unit by email or by phone at 919-515-5963.