R.A.D. – Basic Physical Defense Courses available for Fall 2018!

R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defensive Systems)

R.A.D. is a very intense and dynamic self-defense program for women that places strong emphasis on avoidance methods but teaches and practices self-defense techniques with the realization that students still may be physically attacked and should be able to defend themselves realistically. The student is taught a wide range of options for defense. The program employs the use of a mock attacker (dressed in protective gear) so that students may practice full contact striking-techniques. This program has been endorsed by IACLEA (International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators) and is a member of AWSDA (American Women’s Self Defense Association).  This program requires a minimum of 9 hours of class attendance and if a full contact simulation is involved, the minimum is 12 hours.

This program will run the following dates:
All classes run from 6pm – 9pm

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Women’s Basic Self Defense

Men’s Basic Self Defense

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